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Should our clients be compelled to proceed with litigation, then we are well-suited to act as aggressive advocates for our clients’ causes, from filing/answering complaints, taking depositions to prosecuting the matter through trial.

In most cases, we will be able to adapt our litigation style to take into particular account the needs of our clients such as the need for quick, decisive action, including temporary injunctive relief. So whether your defending a suit or in need of beginning one, our lawyers are prepared to vigorously but economically prosecute your action to help achieve the outcome you seek. And while there is no guarantee in litigation, we will work hard to ensure that we provide you with competent, empathatic and economic representation.

If the litigation is to occur overseas, we may attempt limited, international pro hac vice admission and associate with local counsel, or else attempt to move the proceeding to another forum. Please call or email for a free initial consulation.

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