Personal Injury Lawyer in Seattle

If you’ve been in an accident and have incurred costs related to injuries or damage to your personal property we can help. 

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Personal Injury Lawyer in Seattle

Our lawyers not only have experience with Personal Injury cases including automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip or trip and fall cases and pedestrian accidents, but we enjoy these cases as much as if not more than any other. And, above all, we enjoy helping real people get the most back for the injuries they suffered (including the pain and inconvenience), together with real money for damages to cars and property.

At IN PACTA, we aim to make your case a priority, providing you the best advice we can, while all the while, trying to maximize your claim. If this means settling early or seeing the case all the way through a trial, then, in both situations, that is what we are prepared to do.

We hope that will consider retaining our firm to help you fight for your rights.

And, you should definitely speak with a lawyer before you start talking to the opposing (third party) insurance company about settling your claim. We’ll provide you honest, real advice about your claim and the offer on the table.

No matter the amount of damage/injuries, we can help you recover! Our typical contingency fee rates (where we agree to collect attorney’s fees directly from the settlement or judgment or award and not from you prior to any settlement or judgment) range from 30% pre-litigation (where you have Personal Injury “PIP” coverage and liability is not contested) to 40% pre-litigation (in cases where no PIP coverage is present).

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